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Dogs and Cats Love Black Gold!

Looking for bright, shiny coats and optimal conditioning? Black Gold Dog Food has proven to be highly effective for appearance enhancement, proper conditioning, feeding economy, and kennel stool control. Our professional premium-formula pet food is formulated for all life stages – puppies and kittens, adults, and seniors. Not only is Black Gold Pet Food good for your pet's health, Black Gold Pet Food is a pet food with excellent palatability. Black Gold is nutritious and it tastes good.

The pet-food success formula is simple, nutritional, premium, high-quality ingredients correctly processed in a food your dog or cat can easily digest and loves to eat. Black Gold has great taste appeal with high digestibility. This will assure the energy level, conditioning, and healthy skin and coat your dog requires. If your pets don't like their food, they won't obtain all the nutrients they need no matter how well the food is formulated. Try Black Gold. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Black Gold Premium Pet Foods

  • 100% Complete-and-Balanced Nutrition
  • Top Quality Pet Foods at a Reasonable Price
  • Starts with Top-Grade Ingredients
  • Helps Reduce Feed Bill and Cleanup
  • Great Taste Appeal and High Digestibility
  • For Show, Working, Sporting, and Hunting
  • Positive Feedback from Users Worldwide
  • Proudly Manufactured in the USA
Your Montana Black Gold Distributor
R. E. Deane
Black Gold Montana

PO Box 925
Three Forks, MT 59752


A message from your Black Gold distributor in Montana:


I've fed Black Gold for over ten years now. I became a dealer in 1999 because I believed the food was excellent. My dogs have all done well on Black Gold. From one of my dogs that is an "easy keeper" and doesn't require lots of food to the one who is hardest to keep weight on, I've been able to maintain my hounds so that they can work in the cold weather all winter and compete occasionally during the summer months.

In 2005, when I learned that the Black Gold distributor for Montana was getting out and leaving the area, I knew I wanted to find a way to keep using this dog food. I know how well my dogs have done on Black Gold and I did not want to switch to anything else. I then talked to the current distributor and then to the company and was able to become the new Montana distributor. This way I can keep the feed available for my dogs and all those that also believe in feeding and/or selling Black Gold in Montana. ROLAND E. DEANE, Your Montana Black Gold Distributor

        PO Box 925, Three Forks, MT 59752   (406) 285-4474